Our priority

Committed To the environment


The ability to generate power requires the highest levels of competence in a sector that has become very disruptive due to the enormous development of new renewable technologies and the imbalance in the energy MIX that their penetration is causing. The energy sector aspires to reduce its carbon footprint. This transformation process requires that many experts collaborate closely in building the new energy supply system of the future.


At HORIZONTIA we consider collaboration with leading companies in the skills that will be required in this transformation to be decisive. For this reason, we prioritize in our business strategy the association with developers, highly qualified engineering firms, investors and energy operators that add value to the construction of an energy system more efficient and environmentally friendly.

We cover the entire value chain for solar power generation and hydrogen generation projects.
Horizontia Energy


At HORIZONTIA, the project development phase is essential to build our project portfolio that allows us to achieve our goal of becoming a leading Independent Power Producer in the Spanish renewable energy sector.

To guarantee this objective, we not only have our own developments but also promote co-development with top-quality partners and the selective acquisition of third-party projects under development.


HORIZONTIA has agreements with various investment groups, including investment funds, marketers, independent producers and private investors, which guarantee the development and subsequent construction of a project portfolio of more than 1,000 MW. As well as the acquisition of projects developed by third parties, to complete a project pipeline of more than 2,000 MW.