Our Vision is to become a leading Independent Power Producer in the Spanish renewable energy sector through the generation of electricity and the generation of green hydrogen from renewable sources.


HORIZONTIA has a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals with extensive experience in the design, promotion, construction and management of renewable energy generation projects.

We generate energy

In the face of the climate emergency, it is our obligation to propose an alternative to fossil fuels and build a new energy model that is more efficient and respectful of the environment.


At HORIZONTIA we consider collaboration with leading companies in the skills that will be required in this transformation to be decisive, and for this reason we prioritize in our business strategy the association with developers, highly qualified engineering firms, investors and energy operators that add value in the construction of an energy system more efficient and environmentally friendly.


HORIZONTIA is a company owned by Suroeste Group and Impelia Energy, both with extensive experience in the energy sector, and managed by a team of former senior managers of large companies in the energy sector with extensive national and international experience.

We cover the entire value chain for solar power generation and hydrogen generation projects.
Horizontia Energy